The Radio Networks group, in collaboration with Embit srl (local company leader of LoRa technology in Italy), is seeking students willing to pursue a thesis on the following topics, all based on LoRa technology, one of the most successful technologies for IoT:


1) “Localisation of IoT Nodes in Smart Cities Through LoRa Networks“. The work will be performed in phases:

– study of the LoRaWAN protocol

– design of suitable localisation algorithms applicable to the LoRaWAN network

– implementation of the algorithm over a network server

– test of the algorithm with Embit SW/HW platforms


2) “Network Protocols Design and Testing for Fast LoRa.” Fast LoRa is a very recent evolution of LoRa technology working at 2.4 GHz. The differences with respect to LoRa require customisation of the LoRaWAN protocol stack. The work will include design of the protocol stack, implementation and test over development kits made available by Embit.


3) “Testing of an hybrid LoRaWAN-Zigbee network for IoT applications“. The work will be based on Zigbee end devices and a LoRaWAN-Zigbee-LTE gateway made available by Embit.


4) “Simulation of LoRaWAN 1.1“. The activity will move from an existing LoRaWAN simulator developed by the RN group, to include some of the functionalities defined by the specifications 1.1 of the LoRaWAN protocol stack, released few weeks ago.


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